The Victus is a powerful race of beings that were created at the Dawn of Time before humanity came into existence. Being a warrior race, they fought continual wars over centuries in the many galaxies, incurring the wrath of the Creator who cursed them, making them unable to procreate. They traveled the galaxies for centuries until they stumbled across a very small planet called Earth. Enchanted by the Earthling women whom they found to be fair and beautiful, the Victus took them as wives. Their unlikely union gave birth to the Zectus, a hybrid race physically stronger than the Humans in almost every way. The Zectus, with their raw power, eventually enslaved the Humans on a planet called Bathos. Amid the despair in this hellish desert planet emerged a prophecy foretelling the rise of a child from a small city who would eventually become the Chosen One to free what is left of Humanity from the grips of the evil Zectus. The time when heroes cry out for this Chosen One to lead them to victory is upon us. The Hybrid Hunters are coming. Will they save Humanity or will they wrest the power for themselves and become the new gods?