Ren is a sniper from the small city of Sera, She was trained in the arts of combat from a very early age and given physical and mental enhancements by one of the Veteran mech builders the first mech builder on Bathos named Zero. Her quest is to stop the ongoing war that is being fought between the West of Bathos, Hunters Canyon and the East of Bathos Elkron. Her mission becomes more complicated when her real target become’s the Queen of Bathos who has been enslaving humanity on Bathos since the beginning. With Aid from a powerful Mech Hunter called Necrosis they defeat all the odd’s and the people of Bathos are coming to believe that their chosen child has come. Will Ren be able to free the people time will tell . . . . .

Class Type: Savage wasteland Sniper
Species: Human Cyborg
Mech builder: Zero
Mech parts: Mechanical Arm / Mechanical Bionic legs.
Weapon 1: Desert Falcon 2.0 enhanced model. (Pistol) 
Weapon 2: P1 400 sniper rifle.
Clan: Descendant keepers (Blood infusion)
Powers: Increased strength, and sight. 
Can lift up to 400kg, ability to see four times further than 
a normal human.



Descendent keepers are originated from a small town in Hunter’s Canyon called Sera. The group was formed by “The Great Seer” who had uncovered the “Holy Book of Light” from Earth One. Descendent Keepers obey the “Book of Light” and are consider by many to be a dangerous cult. The Pharos Monarchy has since tried with all its might to extinguish their frame and abolish not only their law’s but people as well.
Descendant Keepers are mainly farmers. They spread the word of light in Hunter’s Canyon. Preaching wherever they can. But are looked down upon besides neighboring tribes. For centuries, Pharos and surrounding cities in hunters Canyon, Menvus and Che. have been hunting them down, killing Descendent Keepers in the most brutal fashion in Bathos history. They are largely known as the most hated civilization in Bathos.
In the midst of chaos, a young descendant keeper scribe called “The Prophet” showed the people of Sera that defending one’s self is a scripture in the “Holy Book of Light”, forming a small military fraction of snipers. They are also known as the wolf pack.


One of REN’s Story Event