Crow king leader of the son of Conner, Ruler of four different planets, Bathos Vercona Dinabus and Earth one. Crow king got his name from being the reaper on the battlefield. Legend has it that when all the men on the battlefield were dead, there was one man left standing and only the crows witness to that which feed on the delicious corpses the land had offered. He has acquired two very powerful artifices giving him the ability to teleport to different planets and immortality. His quest centers around looking for two ancient books. One has the power to rule the warrior Race – Victus and the other gives him the keys to teleport to different Galaxies. Known as the ultimate hunter he travels to distance planets hunting down prey whenever a challenge arises. He becomes interested in the Hunter-Ren and sends one of his many knights to keep a watchful eye on her. Could she be the child of the prophecy?

Class Type: Inter-dimensional Space Hunter/Aqua Kinight
Species: Human
Mech builder: Himself
Mech parts: Body Suit
Weapon: Mech tank tiger blitz suit
Weapons attached: Hyper proto Z Canon
Weapons attached: Dijal Spear
Clan: Ruler of the Son of Connar (Blood infusion)
Powers: Increased strength, Increased Speed, Increased Sight 
Wolf Senses, Telekinesis, Immortality



The Sons of Conner are the most iconic elite hunters in the known galaxy. Conner was the first Mech builder on Bathos and went on to learn the hidden mysterious of hunting and since then his armies have conquered six surrounding planets. The Sons are an elite group of four knights that have perfected their art of killing in different genres. They are known as the knight of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire. They can blend elements and gather the strongest weapons in the galaxy for enhancing and modifying. Killings are just their way of sport and pleasure.

All the knights and Conner himself are immortal; therefore there have no real records of their death and how they can be killed. Crow King, is not known on the five planets but is secretly king among all of them. He worked in the shadows, have the ability to time travel and warp to different planets. Not much is known about the Sons of Conner and how they were formed or who they are, yet they are the very rulers of the Galaxy.

Not much is known about the Sons of Conner and how they were formed or who they are in known records, yet they are the very rulers of the Galaxy.